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July 22, 2010 / voop1

You too can become a Bangladeshi Schwarzenegger

My job is to write reports, so I’m spending most of my work days rooted to a desk, and it turns out that sitting still for so long makes me mushy in the brain. You know what else gets mushy? Yep, my keister.

Based on this, I’ve been hunting for a gym. The expat clubs (from the last post) have good gyms, but without that elusive membership, I can’t use those. I’ve been looking at other options, but any gym that is non-affiliated with a club is dingy with crappy equipment; they are also just extremely dusty and somehow also manage to smell of wet mold.  Who knew I was prissy?

On a rickshaw ride outside my usual neighborhood, I passed a sign for a gym (above left), and with a huge dude like that who is conveying supreme buff-dom – how could I pass it up?

The creepy hallway was actually darker, I had to lighten it with photoshop

The gym was up four dark, creepy, there-could-be-a-mugger-hiding-in-a-corner flights of stairs.  Arriving there, I was impressed that I found a gym less dusty and moldy than its competitors. I also didn’t find very much equipment. There was a lonely-looking treadmill, and the gym owner conceded that it wasn’t operational right then because there was a power failure.

be honest, you want to try it

Aside from that, there were a bunch of weights, one of those jigglers for body fat (remember those?) and that’s about it.

kind of amazing poster

I wasn’t sure how this meager equipment could beef up a guy like the one on the sign, or those on the wall posters. Frankly, false hopes abounded.

the weight area

Looking around, I blinked sweat out of my eye and asked about why the fans weren’t working. “No fans because no power” was his response. Well that makes sense. And what is the gym’s monthly rate for getting potentially mugged in the stairs, looking longingly at a dormant treadmill and fan, getting an inferiority-complex from the beefcakes on the walls, and using the few weights? This palace of disappointment was $30/month. Seriously?

Shaking my head, I left the gym slowly. Then, I finding myself in that dark stairwell, I startled and bolted down and out, getting more exercise along the way than I would with that gym membership.

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